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How to excel in college writing

Many choices present themselves once high school is finally over, and while employment is a worthwhile step for many, the advantages of taking up further education by going to college are numerous. One major advantage is that college provides an independent learning environment, which unlike high school, teaches you to stand on your own feet, to learn discipline, and to strive to better yourself.
To be a successful college student, you must acquire many skills, and one them is being able to produce good college essays.
To this end, there are three key points to follow: content, argument, and structure.

Based on the college essay topics provided, it is integral that the marker knows you have read extensively and understood the topic thoroughly.

Good college essays usually present differing arguments associated with the topic, and knowing these arguments come naturally with thoroughly understanding the topic.

Last is the structure of the essay, which must include a clear introduction, an analysis of the topic (which includes presenting the different arguments), and a personal conclusion based on the information discussed.

An insight into essay structures can be gained by looking at sample college essays online and, of course, advice from friends and teachers.
Sample college essays only serve as a basis; it is your own work that will ultimately be rewarded. It takes certain flair to stand out, and turn good college essays into great college essays.

Make an effort to really understand what you are learning and read about the topics to gain various insights. Hone your skills at describing and developing the arguments and make sure you follow grammatical rules as much as possible without compromising your individual style. It also never hurts to pick up a thesaurus every once in a while!

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